Promote your store or brand

Our sleeves and deck boxes are the perfect product to promote your store in your local gaming community.

Add accessories to your game

Whether it's custom sleeves, card boxes, portable collection boxes, custom dice, or playmats, we can produce the accessories and add-ons to complement your game.

Take your events to the next level

Custom deckboxes or playmats are the perfect value added accessory for your event. They also make an excellent option for prizes, giveaways or to sell at the event.

Get customized gaming supplies in quantities that make sense for small businesses.
Promote your store by putting your logo on the products your customers use every time they play.
Make your event unique with custom merchandise or prizes tailored to your needs.

Custom products from Legion Supplies

You've been looking for it. We bring it to you!


Customs Pricing and ordering information

Please contact us here with order inquiries or questions.