You've been looking for it. We bring it to you! Customized gaming supplies for your store at numbers that make sense for small businesses!
Legion Supplies is able to make your custom design into sleeves, deckboxes, playmats, just about anything. Sleeve runs start at 2160 packs of 50 sleeves, 1000 deckboxes or dice at the minimum level, 250 printed cardboard storage boxes or binders. Playmats can be printed in any quantity. Our minimums are just that, minimums. We can't split orders down any farther than the amounts listed. Any change constitutes a "new run", meaning 2160 packs of sleeves can not be split between 2 images, no matter how small or subtle the change in image. Black sleeve with a white logo and black sleeve with a pink logo are 2 different images!
Please note, this is NOT a solution for a single person to get a deck's worth of sleeves for their personal deck. We're talking about well into a couple thousand dollars of investment. Not a good fit for individuals, but an AMAZING fit for stores and other game related industries who'd like a "small" run of sleeves or deckboxes to use as marketing tools!

Please email our production manager, John for more information and a price quote!

(Yes, 2160 packs of 50 sleeves is the absolute minimum number we can run, sorry.)

Use this link to upload your image file(s) for Custom Product orders